Connecting People Through Communication and Community

I’m Larry McAllister. I’ll be 75 this year, and am a retired manufacturers representative. I now work as a school crossing guard at an elementary school in Washington county. When big, noisy buses and other loud vehicles go by, it’s important that I have hearing aids that don’t shut down with the noise level encountered. Also, I need to be able to hear the quiet, high pitched voices of children, acknowledging instructions I give them.

Good hearing is a necessity and the well qualified people at the Sound of Life Foundation have done a marvelous job of providing, and maintaining optimum service of my hearing aids. They have been reliable in conducting periodic hearing tests and resetting and cleaning the instruments that I count on every day. I suspect that they’ve kept my instruments operating far longer than was likely intended by the manufacturer.

Without these instruments, I cannot carry on meaningful conversations with others, or hear what is going on in meetings, watching television, going to theaters, etc. Also I play classical guitar, and derive a great deal of pleasure from being able to hear the mellow sounds of that instrument.

I have perceived an IQ increase from the boost in hearing and general awareness of my surroundings, wearing the instruments Sound of Life Foundation provided. Thanks, Sound of Life Foundation, for an extraordinary improvement in life style!

– Larry C. McAllister

“Our goal, with your help, is to reconnect 120 individuals to their community through communication and caring in 2015,” said Jared Brader, President, Sound of Life Foundation. To help this 501(c)3 Non-Profit Foundation through donations of old hearing devices, or direct funds, please make checks payable to Sound of Life Foundation or contact its President Jared Brader.

Mission Statement

Our mission, “Connecting people through Communication and Community,” is about bringing people and communities together through improved communication, primarily hearing ability, and helping society experience the multi-sensory world of sound, sight, touch, smell and taste. We believe reconnecting people to society develops trust, and by sharing our expertise we find our humanity as citizens. We believe that by incorporating community engagement we can increase tolerance and respect for all lives and causes in Southern Utah

Our goal is to pursue our mission with passion and determination so that our community will not only have access improved hearing, but so that those individuals will ‘Pay it Forward’ with support for other community initiatives and organizations they feel committed to. We believe in a community of caring and compassion, this is our effort to bring communities together through improved communication.

Sound of Life Foundation aims to use hearing as a vehicle to reflect caring and sharing and improve the lives of all individuals in our community.