Connecting People Through Communication and Community

“I am very thankful for what the Sound of Life Foundation has done for me towards my improved hearing and understanding of those around me. Without their assistance, I wouldn’t have had the ability to afford the hearing aids and the vastly improved lifestyle that goes with the ability to communicate with others around me. This has made a big difference in my life.”
L Jones, St. George Utah

“The hearing aids I have received from the Sound of Life Foundation work great! Before, my older son didn’t want to talk to me because I couldn’t hear him. Now I can hear him and I have good communication with my family.”- Rosalie M., Cedar City Utah

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  • “Our goal, with your help, is to help reconnect 100 individuals with their families and community through communication and caring in 2017” said Jared Brader, Founder, Sound of Life Foundation.
  • To help this 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization through donations of gently used hearing devices please email us or mail them to Sound of Life Foundation 20 N Main street Suite 309, St. George Utah 84770
  • To donate direct funds please click the link below.
Mission Statement

Our Vision: To have a world where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the sound of life.

Mission Statement: With vision, labor, faith and confidence; our hope can become your reality

We will labor- Through our labor and through the efforts of our donors and sponsors we will help those in our community and all over the world.

We have faith- that we can help reduce social isolation and increase self-worth through encouragement and providing  individuals with proper hearing equipment.

We have confidence- that by incorporating community engagement, we can increase tolerance and respect for all lives and causes in Southern Utah and throughout the world.

We have a vision- that through sound, we can restore color and happiness back into the grey world of those with reduced resources who have lost the ability to hear.