"We Bring People and Communities
Together With Better Hearing"

"We Bring People and Communities
Together With Better Hearing"

"We Bring People and Communities
Together With Better Hearing"

Success Stories – Sound of Life Foundation

See What Our Patients Are Saying

“I appreciate so much my hearing aids that I wouldn’t have gotten without you! I’m already hearing so much better! Thank you again for everything. I’m the luckiest person around!”

Lori Hayes, Cedar City, Utah

“I volunteered at the heritage museum in my town to complete my required volunteer hours! It was and will continue to be a pleasure for me to contribute my time and service to them! The Sound of Life Foundation helped me be able to afford hearing aids! Thank you, Sound of Life!”

Albert Di Pentino

“I am very thankful for what the Sound of Life Foundation has done for me towards my improved hearing and understanding of those around me. Without their assistance, I wouldn’t have had the ability to afford the hearing aids and the vastly improved lifestyle that goes with the ability to communicate with others around me. This has made a big difference in my life.”

L. Jones, St. George, Utah

“The hearing aids I have received from the Sound of Life Foundation work great! Before, my older son didn’t want to talk to me because I couldn’t hear him. Now I can hear him, and I have good communication with my family.” 

Rosalie M., Cedar City, Utah

“Immediately after receiving my hearing aids, I could hear the chirping of birds and that is something I guess I have missed for a long time because it was very apparent to me that wow there’s a lot of birds chirping. All those little sounds that I knew I was missing, that with my hearing aids I’m now hearing it all. That’s amazing to me! Thank you, Sound of Life Foundation!”

Terry Solesbee, Corona, California

“Your program has given me a reason to get out of bed every day and work! I love being able to do community service that helps others. It has changed my life! I love that I am able to hear the sounds around me when I go out into the community.”

Connie Moon, Hurricane, Utah

“Working with the Sound of Life Foundation has been a wonderful experience! Franchesca has great skills and she is very personable! We are looking forward to understanding what it is being said. When we are in a room with a lot of people we can focus in on a conversation, but we cannot understand what they are saying. At home when we are watching TV or playing a computer game we have to turn it up so loud! Our neighbor even complained to us that we were too loud. We are so looking forward to receiving our hearing aids! We also had an amazing time completing our required volunteer hours. We volunteered at the catholic thrift store. We’ve never done this before and we love it. They want us to stay and continue volunteering. We have met new friends and we will continue to volunteer there. Thank you, Sound of Life, for this opportunity!”

Donna & Johnny Peterson

“I am thankful for the gift of hearing that allows me to hear the different sounds of birds chirping in the trees, and the leaves crackling in the wind. Thank you, Sound of Life Foundation, for allowing me to hear such beautiful sounds again.”

Irmita Garcia, St. George, Utah


“I’ve had the privilege to partner and work side by side with the Sound of Life Foundation on a few projects. They truly & genuinely care about the deaf community, their needs, and their ability to hear life’s precious sounds. They are Hearing Angels who spread the gift of sound to so many around the world.”

– Justin Osmond

“Thank YOU for hearing the need and doing something to help people!”

– Judy Brader

“I’m so grateful to the Sound of Life Foundation for allowing me to be a volunteer on one of their hearing mission trips! I loved it! It is amazing to think of the difference you all make for so many individuals!”

– Katrina Anderson

“I needed to return a curtain rod I had bought, and I asked my husband if he would grab it and put it in the car. When I got in the car it was not there. Instead there was a plant in the car that we use as our table centerpiece. He thought that I had told him to put the plant in the car. I am so grateful that the Sound of Life Foundation was able to provide hearing aids for my husband. I am excited for him to be able to enjoy the sounds around him and for improved communication in our family.”

-Betty Lounsbury