"We Bring People and Communities
Together With Better Hearing"

"We Bring People and Communities
Together With Better Hearing"

"We Bring People and Communities
Together With Better Hearing"

Provider Testimonials – Sound of Life Foundation

See What Our Providers Have to Say About Working with Our Foundation

“To get that hope back, every part of the process is amazing and it’s a wonderful journey for these individuals. I am grateful to the Sound of Life Foundation for allowing me to partner with them and travel with them on their hearing mission trips.”

Doug Dunker- Precision Hearing

“The Sound of Life provides just that the sounds in order to keep relationships alive. It is a great organization that provides hearing devices to those that cannot afford them in order to keep the brain active. The services provided by Sound of Life is phenomenal and easy to work with. Working with Sound of Life we are looking at how we can best serve the patient and the family of those with hearing loss. They want everybody to be able to hear their loved ones.”

Dr. Brittany Garcia

“The Sound of Life Foundation is changing lives every day in their local community, across the country, and around the world. Providing children, adults and those in need with restored hearing clarity and improved cognitive function is truly God’s work. The Sound of Life offers unparalleled service and compassion.”

Dr. Keith Darrow

“I don’t think we get it because we don’t experience it, but to see how hearing loss affects individuals and then to see how much better they feel, it’s just awesome! I’m glad that I can partner with this incredible organization!”

Eric Nilsson

“What an amazing trip! Thank you for allowing me to join your hearing mission trips! I was a little skeptical at first, but you guys are the real deal!“

Dr. Stefani Watson

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