"We Bring People and Communities
Together With Better Hearing"

"We Bring People and Communities
Together With Better Hearing"

"We Bring People and Communities
Together With Better Hearing"

Board of Directors – Sound of Life Foundation

Helping Individuals with the Cost of Hearing Aids & Changing Lives One Hearing Smile at a Time

Jared Brader, Founder

An esteemed member of the Board of Directors – Sound of Life Foundation, Jared Brader has his MBA, is a speaker, teacher, author, and business strategist for hundreds of doctors, audiologists, and hearing specialists located throughout the United States and Australia. His audiology marketing campaigns have generated over $100 million in revenue for his clients and privately-held practices. He founded Sound of Life Foundation in 2014 after seeing many people that would greatly benefit from hearing technology, but truly lacked the resources to get them. Hundreds of adult individuals across the United States can hear and enjoy the sounds of life around them due to the generosity and vision of Jared Brader.

Rosie Barrick, Executive Director

For the last 25 years Rosie Barrick has worked, in one capacity or another, helping people gain an improved quality of life. She was the administrator for Intermountain Audiology and transitioned to the non-profit side. After attending several hearing mission trips around the world, she knew that her calling was to help individuals in poverty-stricken circumstances. She is dedicated to helping as many people as she can and wants everyone to enjoy life and be productive members of society.

Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD., Neuroscientist

Dr. Darrow is the author of two Amazon.com best-selling patient books, Stop Living in Isolation and Preventing Decline: Advances in the Medical Treatment of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus. His offices have been honored four times by Inc. 500 | 5000 for building one of the fastest-growing audiology specialty practices in North America, he was also awarded the Top-50 Health Care Companies in America, and his scientific research has been cited over 950 times.

Dr. Darrow holds a Ph.D. from a joint Harvard Medical and M.I.T. program focused on Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology. As a research associate at the Eaton Peabody Lab at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Dr. Darrow contributed to the development of next-generation auditory prostheses. His most recent contribution to patient access and affordability was advocating nationwide for a low monthly subscription option for the medical treatment of hearing loss and Tinnitus.

Dr. Darrow’s practices have worked with the prestigious Disney Institute and Ritz Carlton to bring the same ‘wow’ experience to the lives of all our patients. Asked what makes his practice different, he quickly replied with a warm smile, “It’s our people, our culture, and our commitment to do whatever it takes to serve the best interests of our patients and their families,” even if that means referring them to a cheaper option in town or to one of the nonprofit foundations we recommend when a patient is unable to afford treatment with our practice.

Joshua Savage, Accountant

Josh graduated from Southern Utah University with a Master of Science Accountancy. He specializes in personal and business tax planning and preparation, estate planning and taxation, and quickbooks consulting. He enjoys photography, running, investing, politics, outdoor recreation, and sporting events.

Dr. Laura Vinopal, AuD, Audiologist

I often receive comments that I always have a smile on my face and can brighten anyone?s mood. I think the single best way to do great work is to love what you do. That is why I consider my work to be not a job, but my passion. When I began this career path, I was unclear on how I could make an impact on human connection. I quickly came to realize just how emotional and personal this journey is for many. I then knew, without a doubt, my mission was to create a personalized patient experience in my practice that is paramount.

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