"We Bring People and Communities
Together With Better Hearing"

"We Bring People and Communities
Together With Better Hearing"

"We Bring People and Communities
Together With Better Hearing"

Hearing Aid Providers Frequently Asked Questions in Utah

Changing Lives One Hearing Smile at a Time

If you’re interested in becoming a provider for the Sound of Life Foundation, please take a moment to read through the provider frequently asked questions below:

  • What are the benefits of being an SOLF provider?

Answer- SOLF takes the guesswork out of your pro bono service. SOLF conducts a rigorous application and screening process to ensure all patients are qualified, motivated, and appreciative. SOLF closely monitors patients for compliance issues to ensure you have a positive experience. SOLF also provides excellent marketing benefits to all providers to help brand them as caring, community-minded businesses. SOLF provides each practice with a starter kit to display in their office, showcasing their community involvement with SOLF. Partner providers are listed on the SOLF Provider Directory that includes a link to their practice website in an effort to drive additional families to their website and ultimately, their services. Lastly, we highlight providers in more traditional marketing initiatives such as SOLF advertisements, articles, press releases, e-newsletters, print collateral, and social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

We want your community to be aware of the great work that you’re doing to provide deserving individuals with the ability to hear and enjoy the sounds of life.

  • How do I know I’m treating a deserving individual?

Answer- SOLF verifies that all approved applicants demonstrate financial need; and that they are committed to complying with all SOLF program guidelines as well as instructions set forth by you and your staff. In addition, each family is required to invest

  • Who decides which individuals to approve?

Answer- SOLF carefully screens all applicants based on our program qualifications.

  • What do you need from me during the treatment process for SOLF patients?

Answer- We ask that you submit Patient Progress Reports upon fitting the individual.

  • How is SOLF different from other programs?

Answer- SOLF allows our providers to use their time doing what they do best- treating deserving, compliant, and grateful individuals. SOLF performs all screening and program administration, including taking any disciplinary action (which is extremely rare)- all you have to do is fit SOLF recipients with hearing devices. In addition, SOLF does not require fees, fundraising, boards, or chapters to be established.